May 2022 Sightings

May was filled with exciting new discoveries! The water level fluctuated a great deal, however, the main pond stayed stable. We were able to spot at least five Painted Turtles, Wood Ducks, and Duckweed! It is fun to try and sneak up on the wildlife. Most times we hear the turtles plunk into the water well before we get to them. There are many native trees, shrubs, and forbs among the non-native plants. Lots of Nannyberry (Viburnum lentago). 

We were able to put the signs up and met the wonderful neighbors. All were happy to see the property become a preserve for nature. It was fun to hear their experiences with living so close to the Aull Nature Preserve. One neighbor said her kids would skate on the pond in the winter and her son would float on it during the summer. She thinks it is approximately 3 feet deep. 

We did plant two baby oak trees that popped up at Nature’s Haven. They needed to be relocated before they got too big. 

Every time we visit we discover new things, it is constantly changing. Very exciting to watch!

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