March 2022 Sightings

The ice is melting and the water is receding. The red-winged blackbirds returned early in the month. The second week of the month we had a wind storm, causing a large snag in the middle of the pond to fall. We’re bummed the snag fell, it had a number of woodpecker holes in it. On March 14 we saw a garter snake! The large pond still has ice on it. We were able to walk into the edge of the pond, which is approximately 10″ deep. The water is gone from most of the trails. 

The ice melted by mid-March, allowing us to remove two cars full (with the trusty Subaru Impreza) of trash and debris! Our reward was hearing the chorus frogs and red-winged blackbirds! The site looks great! We believe the main pond is approximately 1m (3′) deep. 

The month ended with multiple rainy days, all the water is back!

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